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Monday 30th March

Home learning for Monday 30.3.20


Maths- Please find your Set A Reasoning Paper 3. This is the final paper of the Set A work in your Maths pack. Please complete at least half of this paper (go to the middle of the paper). Work through these questions which will test a range of topics covered this year. If you get stuck, look up the topic you are struggling with online or use the lessons on MyMaths to complete this. When you have finished, mark these questions using your mark scheme. Try any you got wrong again and see if you can improve!


I have also uploaded the next week of our 5 in 5 questions that I know you all love to do! Try to complete one a day timing yourself to do this within 5 minutes. You can record these in your homework book so we can see how well you have done. The answers for each day are below the questions so you can check your work when you have completed it! Try not to peek until you have answered them all!


TT Rockstars- Don’t forget about the battle! Well done to everyone who has had a go and improved our score! Special mentions to Kai, Maia and Lola who have really helped with some high scores! Keep it up!  We were winning at one point but have fallen behind again. Let’s have a big push to take us to Wednesday morning!


English- Please find your Reading Paper Set A. Please read the first text and answer the first set of questions about this text. Ensure you use the text and answer the questions using the work we completed in class on how to answer these test style questions. When you have completed this, mark these to see how well you would have done. I know we aren’t completing a reading test in May, but this is showing how well you are doing with your reading comprehension which is a vital skill!


Please make sure you are reading every day and make sure you are reading challenging texts! If you run out of books, don’t forget Oxford Owl’s online books and also have made a lot of audio books free during the time that schools aren’t open. Enjoy!


Finally, please have a go at this week’s spelling- these are more of the Year 5/6 words! See how many you can get this week!


RE- Please watch the word of the week video on Sacrifice:

Try to complete the reflection involving the cross. I have put a cross template below or you can draw your own and use can use anything you have at home to stick down onto it. Just ensure you are thinking about Jesus’ sacrifice for us!

When you have completed this, read the scripture again. Use a bible or : Luke Chapter 23: 44-46. This is the scripture about Jesus’ death and his sacrifice for us. Retell this scripture in your own words. Then, make links between this scripture and how your feelings and beliefs about this story affect your behaviour (e.g. because I believe Jesus died on the cross,  I will..). Remember this could be your feelings as well e.g. I feel sad …

Level 4 (Challenge)- How might yours and other people’s decisions and choices be influenced by this story e.g. someone might decide to take Holy Communion because they believe it is the body and blood of Christ.



If you want some extra things to work on, below you will find some extra Maths work to complete as and when you want to! They are the mini tests we sometimes do in class when we have finished a topic. I will upload all the Topics so you can try them whenever you want to. They also contain the answers so try not to look until you have finished! These can be found in the Extra tab on the Year 6 Home Learning page.