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Monday 30th March

Monday 30th March




Please complete the worksheet below, which is telling the time to 5 minutes on an analogue clock. I have also attached the answers for the worksheet. Afterwards, you could mark your work yourself to see how you have done. Please make sure you do the worksheet before looking at the answers!


If you find it hard to tell the time, here is a video which might be useful to watch:

The video talks you through the minute hand (the bigger hand) and the hour hand (the little hand) and how to work out what time is being shown on a clock. 

If you haven't completed all of the MyMaths tasks from last week, please also log on and finish them off. 



This week we are starting to write our shared write. At school we had been looking at newspaper reports. Please take a look at the document below to find out what to do.



The Word of the Week this week is Sacrifice. Take a look at the video: 

If you have some paper at home, it would be good if you could try the reflection. Thank you to Seth for sending in a video for this week's Word of the Week. The next Word of the Week will be 'Promise'. If you would like to be in this video, please send a video clip to the school email address before Friday 3rd April. You could answer the question, "What does Promise mean to you?", "When have you had to keep a promise?" or "Why is it important to keep a promise?"


Take a look at the document below to find out your task for RE today. 



I have attached this week's spelling list below: either 10 spellings or 5 spellings, depending on how many you usually do at school. Like last week, try to learn them over the week and test yourself on them on Friday.