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Monday 27th April

Monday 27th April 2020




We are going to continue to look at angles. Last week you looked at angles on a straight line which equal= 180 degrees and angles inside a triangle which also add to 180 degrees.

Today, we are looking at angles in a full turn or around a point. We may remember that angles in a full turn is 360 degrees. We are going to find missing angles from around a point.


 So we know that the total = 360 degrees.

130 + ?  = 360 degrees.

So we are going to use the same method as previous to find the missing angle (inverse). 360 – 130= 230 degrees.

Have a look at the PowerPoint below explaining this method. When you have done this, please complete the sheet finding the missing angles. You can either print this off or complete them straight into your homework book.

Please also have a go on TT rockstars!  I will set a battle on Wednesday for Boys vs Girls so keep an eye out for it! J




This week, we are going to look at some poetic and figurative features for story and poem writing. First is alliteration, assonance and consonance.


Alliteration- the repetition of an initial letter or sound in closely connected words e.g. ‘Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers’ start with a P.

Assonance- the repetition of a vowel sound in a sentence to create an internal rhyme. The sound does not always have to be at the start of a word e.g.

The moon rose over an open field.

Consonance- the repetition of consonants in quick succession in a sentence:

e.g. grassy summer days.


Please have a look at the PowerPoint below which goes through these. Please then complete the worksheet below, identifying the type of alliteration and then writing some sentences with these types of poetic devices in.




Please watch the word of the week video: Commitment.


Please have a go at the reflection for this. You can use stones from your garden to complete this and any felt tips or other craft materials you have to complete this. During this time, we have to remember all the things we are committed to during this time e.g. you might be committed to completing your school work everyday, you might be committed to keeping up with your hobby whilst in lockdown, you might be committed to keeping in contact with your family during this time.

At this time, it might be difficult to think about our commitments. Try to make a list of your commitments during this time and all the things you are going to commit to for when this is all over. Keep it ready for you to see so you know there are so many things that still need our commitment during these difficult times!


Remember I love seeing your work and the fun things you are doing! Keep sending them to