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Monday 23rd March

Learning for Monday 23.03.20


Maths- Please complete the 2x MyMaths homework sessions available. These are on finding the area of parallelograms and triangles. 

Remember: For the area of a parallelogram, you multiply the base x the height. Remember to use the perpendicular height (straight up and down height) not the slanted height. 

For the area of a triangle, you multiply the base x the height and then halve it/divide it by 2. 

Use the MyMaths lessons if you are not sure. 


English- Complete the first half of SPAG paper A (roughly around up to Q25) Go through this independently before marking this yourself. Complete research on any questions that you didn't get correct and see what SPAG areas you need to work on. 

Please start reading a new book as well! This could be one on Oxford Owl and it could be an audiobook. 


Spelling- On a Monday, you will receive 10 spellings. These will be from the Y5/6 spelling list. Please practice these and try to test yourself on a Friday. Try to get your parent or sibling to test you! See how many you can get!


RE- Here is the link for this week's Word of the Week- Fasting:

Please watch this and try to complete the reflection for this. When you have done this, have a look at this week's scripture- Jesus' temptation in the desert. Retell this story and think about how you can link this to your life. What are you going to do because of this scripture? 

Challenge- Can you link this to any other scripture that shows the idea of fasting or link this to any other Christian beliefs or events? Complete this in your homework book. 


Extra: Topic- You are going to have some Topic work from tomorrow on our WWII Child's War Topic. In preparation for this, research WWII, reminding yourself of the countries involved including their leaders and the main events we have looked at so far including the Blitz. Try to complete a Topic homework task in preparation for this.