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Monday 23rd March

Monday 23rd March



Please log on to MyMaths and complete the task "Greater than and less than". This is recapping on previous learning. Remember that you can look at the lesson first before completing the homework.

Please remember to click the "Mark it" button on both pages, otherwise it will tell me you have logged in but not finished it and I won't be able to see your score. 



Have a look at the document I have attached below for English. Think about the lesson where we put Where's Wally in different places in the classroom and then wrote sentences using prepositions of place (e.g. under, next to, opposite). 

Look at the picture on the document and write about 8 - 10 sentences using prepositions of place to describe where people in the picture are. Try to use 2 prepositions and some adjectives in some of your sentences.



I have attached 2 spelling lists, either 10 spellings or 5 spellings, depending on how many you usually do. Have a look at the spellings over this week and try to learn them as you usually do. Later in the week, you could test yourself or your parents / older siblings could test you on them to see how many you get right.



Here is the link to this week's Word of the Week video. The word this week is Fasting.

Please have a look at the document below to see what your task is.



Look at the document below from Mrs Clayton to see your science task. You don't have to do this today; it could be done at any point this week.



If there are any of the topic homework tasks that you haven't completed yet, you could do some of them this week. This is in your homework book but I have also attached it below.


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