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Monday 20th April

Monday 20th April


Hi Year 3. I hope you have all had a good Easter break! I am still missing you all! I'll be uploading work to the website every day again from now. Remember to send any photos to the school email address, or on Twitter to @StJAShirebrook and I will put them on our class page. It would be great to see what you are getting up to at home! smiley



We are going to leave our work on Time for the moment and move on to looking at Fractions. We will be using the White Rose Maths website for a lot of our lessons as this is the scheme we use at school and there are lots of great videos which will help with this new learning. 

Today, please go to the website


Click on Week 1 and then watch the video for Lesson 1 Unit and non-unit fractions. Make sure that you click on Week 1, not Summer Term Week 1 (w/c 20th April), as I swapped around the order of teaching. 


While you are watching the video, it might tell you to pause it at certain points and complete some questions. Please take a look at the question sheet I attached below called 'Unit and non unit fractions'. This sheet can also be downloaded from the White Rose website. Once you have finished the questions, you can check your answers using the answer sheet. If you are struggling while you are doing the worksheet, take another look at the video. We haven't looked at fractions this year except in test papers so just try your best with the new learning! 



The White Rose website is running slowly today, probably because thousands of people are trying to use it at the same time. If the website isn't working for you, you can also find the video on

Click on Groups and then select Year 3.

You don't need a Facebook account to go on to this. You will need to scroll down to find the post from 23rd March which is about Unit and Non unit fractions. Hopefully that will work!


Here is a screenshot of the video from the Facebook page.





Take a look at the document below to find out what you are doing for your English work.



The word of the week this week is 'Celebrate'. Take a look at the video: 

You might want to have a go at the reflection!

Take a look at the document below to find out your work linked to this week's scripture. 



I have attached the spelling lists below for you to practise throughout the week, depending on if you usually learn 10 spellings or 5 spellings.



Our new topic this term is called Gods and Mortals and it is all about Ancient Greece. This is one of my favourite topics! If you haven't yet read through the knowledge organiser, read through it this week to find out what we will be learning about. It is on the Easter holiday homework page. 

We would have had our Launch Day this week. The activities we would have done at school are:

  • tasting Greek food. Maybe you could ask your parents to buy some Greek food such as olives, feta cheese or tzatziki when they go shopping for you to try.
  • writing your name in Greek. Take a look at the alphabet attached below and see if you can write your name or other messages in Greek!
  • Greek dancing. Take a look at the video 

        See if you can do the dance! Maybe your brothers, sisters or parents could have a go with you. There are 

       lots of other videos of Greek dancing on YouTube that you could take a look at.