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Monday 20th April

Hello Year 6,

I hope you had a lovely Easter break and are keeping safe and happy. Today, we restart your daily home learning. I can’t wait to see your learning again. Please try your hardest to complete this learning everyday. I will be putting on links to videos to help you complete your learning or PowerPoints on to help you as much as possible. Please send in any photos you have of you completing any home learning or any fun things you have been doing- I would love to see what you have been up to! Send these to info@st-josephs-pri,

Keep happy, healthy and safe,

Miss Queenan.



Please follow this link

If it doesn’t work, please google ‘White Rose Home Learning’ Go to Year 6 and Week 2.

We are going to start a new topic on Angles. We are going to start by introducing angles and looking at right angles. Please play the video for Lesson 4- Introduce Angles.

A right angle = 90 degrees= 1 quarter turn.

2 right angles = 180 degrees = 2 quarter turns

3 right angles = 270 degrees = 3 quarter turns

4 right angle= 360 degrees = full turn!

You are also going to look at compass points using North, East, South and West. You are going to turn clockwise and anticlockwise. Remember clockwise is the direction that a clocks hands move around the clock face and anticlockwise is the opposite way. Look at a clock if you are not sure!

Take part in the video. When you have completed this, have a go at the worksheet underneath the video. I have also put this on the bottom of this page in case it doesn’t work. You can either print this off or complete it straight into your homework book. You can then mark it with the answers!



Below, you will find a PowerPoint about adverbs of degree. This will explain about these adverbs of degree which tell you how much of something occurred. When you have read through this, please complete the task below for this including writing out sentences identifying the adverb of degree and adding these in to given sentences! Use the list of adverbs of degree given to help you in this task.


You also have your spellings which can be practiced ready for a test on Friday! Let me know how well you have done!



Please watch this week’s word of the week video on the word ‘Celebrate’:

Try and complete the reflection at home- have fun doing this!

This week’s scripture is about the wedding at Cana which is often said to be Jesus’ first miracle. Listen to the scripture or read it for yourself here:

Jesus completed many miracles in his life. Can you complete a spider diagram of all Jesus’ miracles that you can remember? Use the internet and Bible gateway if you need to!

Can you make any links between these miracles? E.g. miracles Jesus was asked to complete, miracles where Jesus healed people, miracles where Jesus rose people from the dead etc. Try to think of as many as you can. 


Miss Queenan :)