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Monday 18th May

Monday 18th May



We are starting a new maths topic today and we will be looking at shape.

Please go on to MyMaths and complete the 3 tasks: 'Introducing 2D shapes', 'Introducing 3D shapes' and '3D shapes'. Some of the questions may seem easy as these tasks are from earlier year groups but as you haven't looked at shape since Year 2, I thought it would be best to recap before starting the Year 3 shape work. You can do the lesson first or if you feel confident in shape, you can start the tasks straight away. 

When you are looking at the 3D shapes tasks, it might be good to see if you can find some of the shapes in your house as it is difficult to count the edges, vertices and faces without the shape right in front of you. For example, you might use a box to help you with cubes and cuboids or a can of a drink to help you with cylinders.

Remember that if you don't know your login details for MyMaths, if you call or email school, I will be able to pass the details on.



We are continuing with the next section of the independent write today. Please look at the document attached below.



The Word of the Week this week is Ascension.

Take a look at the video:


Take a look at the document below to find out what you are doing for your RE work.



I have attached the spelling lists below for you to practise throughout the week.