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Monday 11th May

Monday 11th May


I hope you all had a good weekend! Well done for working so hard at home.



Well done for winning the TTRS battle against Year 5! That is amazing!! Well done if you played any games on TTRS in the last week to win some points for us! Also well done especially to Seth and Reuben who must have spent a lot of time on it getting thousands of points for us laugh


We have only got a few more lessons left on fractions.

Please go to:

Go to Summer Term Week 1 (w/c 20th April) – Lesson 4 Order Fractions and watch the video.

While you are watching the video, it might tell you to pause it at certain points and complete some questions. Please take a look at the question sheet I have attached below called ‘Order Fractions’. Once you have finished the questions, you can check your answers using the answer sheet. If you are struggling while you are doing the worksheet, take another look at the video. I have attached a fraction wall again which might be useful.


Today I would recommend only doing the first page (questions 1 to 4). If you use a fraction wall, you should be ok with doing question 6b

Of course feel free to have a go at the other questions on the second page but I do think they are more difficult than Year 3 level.



Take a look at the document below to carry on with the shared write.



This week the word of the week is Stillness. Here is the link to the video:


I have attached a document called 'Finger Labyrinth' to use for the reflection. If you don't have a printer, you could draw your own to use.


For your RE work today, I'd like you to write a few prayers to God, just like we do at school when we write prayers and stick them into our prayer journals.

You could write a sorry prayer, a bidding prayer (asking God for something) or a thank you prayer. You could write one of each or you could write a few of one type of prayer, for example a few thank you prayers. Like the video says, take the time to sit quietly and think about God. 



I have attached the spelling list. Please practise your spellings throughout the week.