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Monday 11th May

Monday 11th May 2020




Today, we are going to start looking at circles. We are going to look at the parts of a circle, what their names are and how to work out the different parts of the circle’s length.

These are the names of the parts of a circle:

The diameter is double the length of the radius so if the radius is 3cm, the diameter will be 6cm.

Have a look at the MyMaths lesson: to go through these ideas and then you have two worksheets to complete. 1 is just labelling the parts of the circle so you can print this or just draw the circle into your homework book and label. The 2nd sheet is about finding the radius and diameter so again you can do these straight into your homework book or onto the sheet. Enjoy!



Today would’ve been your SATs SPAG test so I thought we would have some fun to acknowledge this! Below you will find a silly SPAG test. First, I have completed a SPAG test so you can mark my answers! Have I got them right or wrong? Google it if you are not sure! (Don’t worry there are only 12 questions). Then, there is a silly spelling test. This contains 20 spellings of silly or made up words! Get someone at home to test you if they can read them J It’s just a bit of fun so don’t worry if you don’t get any – I wouldn’t be able to1

When you have finished this, I have also added a fun non-school related quiz. Today’s is Chocolate! You have been given 16 chocolate bars cut open. How many can you guess?



Please watch the word of the week video: Stillness.

Please have a go at the reflection for this. You need to follow the maze or labyrinth with your finger to give yourself some stillness. Take some quiet reflective time to yourself. Take a few minutes to be still. When you have finished, think about what your stillness told you. Do you want to say a prayer to God about someone? Do you want to thank God for something in your life? Do you want to make a promise to do something from now on?

Take your moment of stillness and then do something reflective after this.


Remember I love seeing your work and the fun things you are doing! Keep sending them to








REMEMBER if you haven’t already: Yearbook

We are really hoping to be able to get a Yearbook put together for you all to remember your time at St Joseph’s. We will try everything we can to do this! To do this, I need some information about you all to put in the Yearbook.

There is a document below to fill in but all I really need to know if what your ambition is for the future e.g. what you would like to do for a job or career when you grow up and what your favourite memory of St Mary’s is!

Please have a think about these and email this document or just the answer to these two questions to

You could drop it off at school if you live nearby and can’t email this. To do this, please just leave it in the foyer of school so there is no contact between you and the members of staff and children in school for everyone’s safety. If you can’t do this, you could ring school and tell the answers to these to a member of staff who will write these down and pass them on. Please try the other methods if possible though.