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The Frozen Kingdom


The Unsinkable Ship

The Titanic was made in 1908~1909 by the company ‘White Star Line’. It was supposedly unsinkable but they were proved wrong on 15th April 1912. Unfortunately, they only put 20 life boats on the ship so when it hit an iceberg, around 1500 people died! Luckily, the Carpathia arrived and saved around 705 people.

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The Arctic and Antarctic

The Arctic is at the top of the world while the Antarctic is at the bottom of the world. There are many animals in the Arctic like reindeer, Arctic foxes, Polar bears, seals and walruses. Most animals have blubber under their skin to keep warm such as the walruses, seals, penguins and Polar bears. In the Antarctic, the only land animal is a wingless midge but there are penguins and seals in the water. Also, the penguins and seals have blubber under their skin to keep warm.


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