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All about the Titanic


The Titanic was built in 1909 and it was built by Harland and Wolff. The man who founded it was Bruce Ismay- the owner of The White Star Line. The Titanic set sail in 1912 and it sank on the 15th April 1912. This was caused by the ship being struck on its right side by an iceberg. The captain of the ship was Edward John Smith. Consequently, around 1,800 people sadly died. There were many people to blame for all of these deaths but the main person to blame was Bruce Ismay. This was because he took away over twenty lifeboats. This was because he wanted to make more first class cabins. He gave the Harland and Wolff poor quality iron rivets and the rivets were weak so the boat split in half. Only 400 people survived and most of these were children. Fun fact: Bruce Ismay changed his name to Yamsi so he wouldn’t get caught. Click on the links to see more information on the titanic!

The Arctic and Antarctic 

In Antarctica, the temperature can get down to -40 degrees cold . The north pole is known to be 1000 km from land. If you put this in miles , it is 621.371 miles. Did you know that Arctic ice can get 9 metres thick? The Arctic was discovered by Robert Peary in 1909. There is 40 M of permanent frost that covers all year around. The Arctic is -20 degrees cold. There are many animals that inhibit this place. For example orca, penguin and arctic fox.  

Have a look at our Arctic and Antarctic Animals Powerpoint!