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Home Learning

Summer Holidays


Good Morning Year 1, 

I can't believe that today is the last day of term. The last few weeks have flown by. There will be no home learning this week as school finishes for children today. Remember though, that you can still access Oxford Owl and My Maths using your username and passwords that you have already been given. Over the next few days, keep checking the Year 2 area of the school website as your new teacher will be adding some topic homework for your first topic of Year 2. See you all in September and have an amazing Summer holiday! Mrs Steele smiley

Home Learning


Hello Year 1.


Welcome to the home learning area of our class webpage.


Each day, there will be an English and Maths piece of work uploaded for you to complete.


On a Monday and a Thursday, there will be a piece of RE work too. Monday’s RE work will always link to the Word of the Week video and Thursday’s will link to our current topic.


There will be a weekly piece of science or topic work to complete, which will be project based.


Don’t forget, there is also our usual topic homework that you can be getting on with. You will find a copy of this at the bottom of the Superheroes section of our class webpage.


Here, you will also find a copy of this term’s knowledge organiser so that you can continue to learn the facts for this topic.


Mrs Steele smiley

A special message for you all smiley

A Big Hello

Mr and Mrs Stanton, who teach German and Music in school, have produced some daily language and music lessons that you can have a go at joining in with. Click on the link below to visit their virtual classroom. 

A guide to Coronavirus for children

Some ideas for Holy Week and Easter Reflections with your family

Home Learning in action!

Dylan reflecting on the word of the week.
Ellis has learnt how to cook!
Jake has been doing some real life capacity work.
Layla has been keeping fit.
Layla has been working on some super sentences!
Charlotte has been getting creative.
Charlotte has been working out!
Maja got full marks on her Friday Challenge :-)
Maja has been working hard at her maths reasoning.
Ellis has been planting.
Erin has been very adventurous!
Erin made some yummy jam buns.
They look very tasty. :-)
Erin has been riding her bike.
Erin made a raft...
then she tested it out!
Erin's amazing Great Fire of London work.
Hugo did some Palm Sunday work.
Philip is missing school and all his friends...
but he has been keeping busy!
Maja designed her own Superhero...
she looks very proud of her work!
Maja enjoyed doing her knowledge organiser quiz...
she did really well!
Here is Hugo with his Giles Andreae book.
Charlotte has been planting...
camping in her garden...
and riding her bike!
Eva has been having fun with her sister...
and she has been working really hard too!
Dylan has been working on his Firefighter work.
Charlotte enjoyed the word of the week task...
and she has also been loving her maths work!
What a great piece of firefighter work Dylan :)
Erin has made a fab booklet...
it is all about firefighters...
she has drawn some amazing pictures...
and done some super writing! Well done Erin. :)
Erin had a lovely Easter... she went fishing...
added a bench to her den...
and went stargazing!
Maja has been working hard everyday.
She's done some great reading work. :)
Hugo has been doing some creative work...
well done Hugo!
Ciara has been on lots of walks.
She made wonder woman out of play doh!
Ciara enjoyed her author of the term book.
Great RE work Ciara :)
Reflecting on the word of the week.
Charlotte had fun with the word of the week...
she also made yummy pizza!
Ellis made up his own maths game!
Hugo looks like he enjoyed his English work...
he wrote some super sentences with and and but. :)
Charlotte K did some super work on conjunctions.
Ciara has done some super sentences...
using and and but.
What neat work! :)
Dylan tried really hard with his sentences. :)
Maja did some amazing spelling work today.
Maja got Star of the Day at home. Amazing! :)
Ciara has been busy with her RE work.
It looks great!
I'm very impressed with Ciara's work. :)
Hugo has been writing with a feather.
Ellis made his own bag.
Look at the results!
Hugo has worked hard with question marks.
Great work Charlotte!
Eva has been busy...
she has been doing some neat work...
and some lovely Superhero work...
well done Eva!
Lovely sentences Charlotte K.
Charlotte has been doing some tricky maths!
Dylan has been learning about fire safety
Charlotte has done some excellent topic work!
Layla has made a lovely poster.
Layla has been on some walks.
Layla has done some yummy baking.
Jake has enjoyed his author book.
Dylan has been growing some fruits and veg!
Dylan has been keeping fit!
Dylan has been doing some good maths work. :)
Praize and her family dressed up...
they became Greeks for Starla's topic.
Maja tried hard with her spellings. :)
This is a super VE day poster Charlotte and Hannah
Maxwell prepared a cake for VE Day.
Well done Maxwell...
it looks so yummy!
Charlotte has written a great question! :)
Hugo has done some spot on labeling!
Faber has loved the science work this week.
He labeled his body...
it looks like he had lots of fun...
well done Faber! :)
Maja has been working hard on maths...
and topic!
Maxwell has been busy doing some art work.
Charlotte has written some great sentences in RE.
Erin has been working hard on her Brazil work.
Erin looks proud of her work!
Charlotte enjoyed the word of the week task
Charlotte has done some great maths
Charlotte has written a great fable...
Well done!
Wow! Great work Dylan. :)
Charlotte working on her when phrases work
Charlotte has been doing some amazing maths work.
Charlotte has written an amazing newspaper report!
Lovely handwriting Charlotte.
Wow! Erin rescued this hedgehog. Amazing! :)
Super work on your animal fact files Erin.
You have found some great facts.
I love your drawings too. :)
This is a brilliant report Erin.
I can tell you put 100% effort in. It looks brill.
Karate kids!
Erin made a fairy garden.
This looks like a really cool experiment Erin.
Erin made a wildlife pond in her garden
Look how great it looks!
WOW! Year 1 at school loved this Erin.
Erin saved a bluetit. :)
Erin cutting her fairy garden grass.
Erin's guinea pigs look like they are having fun.
Pink hair!
A lovely day for a bike ride.
Erin went on a socially distanced walk with Seth.
Working in the garden.
Seren loves your work Erin. :)
Making a butterfly
Eva loves your butterfly Erin. :)
Erin went strawberry picking. Yum yum!!
Wow - Year 1 loved reading your fables Erin.
We read them together this morning.
See you on Thursday Erin :)
Year 1 miss you lots :)
Super phonics
Erin wrote an amazing newspaper report
High up!
This looks yummy!
Erin and her horse
Erin went horse riding
Play time :)
Erin did an amazing comparison