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The Ice Tragedy


Arctic and Antarctica

These polar regions have been in our atmosphere for many years –they are beyond the Equator in both directions. The Arctic belongs at the top of the Earth ,meaning the sun doesn't shine down on it as brightly as it shines directly on the Equator, making the Arctic cold. The temperature can go on to -43 degrees. Despite the cold weather, nearly 5 million people live and work there. There are also lots of animals which includes polar bears and more land animals. There is also more plant life including shrubs, grass and moss. 



The Arctic has a circle around its atmosphere and it has a latitude of 66 degrees.




This polar region is at bottom of the Earth and the South Pole while being colder then the Arctic ,meaning people barely survive there. The only people that live there are scientists completing scientific research however, they only live there for 1-2 years at a time. The major problem about the Antarctic is that it is only two metres wide . Therefore, it is hard to stand on the ice without falling into the freezing waters so there are fewer animals that can survive there and the ones that do are mainly aquatic animals such as Emperor and Adelie penguins and wingless midges. The arctic doesn’t have many flowers because of the tundra but it does have lichen, grass and alpine. 



The Antarctica is very high so people can get sick and this polar region is covered in ice.




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Here are some facts about Arctic and Antarctic animals:


The Tragedy of the Arctic

In the Arctic, the Titanic entered the polar region's atmosphere as a luxury ship with many beautiful features but unfortunately, on the 12th of April 1912, an iceberg struck the Titanic ,making 1513 people die. Everyone mourned after this forlon moment that was a memorable tribulation that was in the past.



A fire struck the bottom of the ship  so it made the ship very weak and that enabled the iceberg to hit the Titanic .


The Titanic had a trial take place for who to blame  and that question led up to an answer of the Carpathian’s captain as he didn’t answer the calls given to him about the Titanic that struck the iceberg. The Titanic was a huge tragedy the Titanic’s captain an drove faster making the Titanic go straight ahead to the iceberg .The tragedy and it all took place in the Arctic. Therefore , people died quicker as they fell into the freezing waters and sadly they froze to death . People blamed for the ship being faulty was the company who made the Titanic  used poorly quality screws that held the ship together. People also blamed the captain of the Titanic as he ignored 7 iceberg warnings because he wanted to beat the fastest ship record to cross the Arctic . Another person who were blamed was the White star company lines manager as he had an argument with the captain making him stressed for the drive of the Titanic. Another blame ,that was taken, was the captain of the Titanic as he ran at thirty knots per hour . Also, he didn’t listen to many iceberg warnings , that were given to him . People also tried to blame the company who made the Titanic as they used small screws for the makings and knew its first journey would be brittle but they didn’t care and the screws fell off while the journey took place . The trial took place making  everything serious because everyone wanted to know who to blame  and that lead to the Carpathians ship’ s captain .



The Carpathians captain was to blame after the death of so many people

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We have created a video about the Titanic and the Polar Regions. Please watch this!