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Frozen Kingdom

Frozen Kingdom


Our next topic is called Frozen Kingdom. This is split into two parts- the Titanic and the areas of the Arctic and the Antarctic. Within the Titanic side, we look at how it sank, what happened when it collided with the iceberg and the fates of those onboard. Within the Arctic side, we look at where these areas are in the world, what lives there and how these things survive there!


Launch Day

To start our topic off, the classroom was transformed into the Titanic! The children were all given a ticket containing the name of someone who was on board the Titanic. They had to sit with others in their class (1st, 2nd or 3rd) and research the character they were going to be for the morning.They even had refreshments of a drink and biscuits but what class they were sat in depended on what biscuit they got! This gave them a clear understanding of the class system on the Titanic and in society. They found out all about their passenger including their occupation, reason for travelling and whether they survived or not! Once they had done this, they designed a suitcase for their passenger adding in things they thought they would've carried! Finally, we looked at what happened during the Titanic's journey completing a timeline for the events of that fateful day! It was a brilliant morning and we can't wait to learn more about it!