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Friday 3rd April


Maths- Today we are going to continue looking at conversion between units of measurement. Today, it is going to include g-kg, ml-l, mm, cm and m. Please log on to MyMaths to complete this. Remember to use a MyMaths lesson if you need to check this and use the knowledge organise below to help you!


  • 10mm = 1cm
  • 100cm = 1m
  • 1000m = 1km.
  • 1000g = 1kg
  • 1000ml = 1 litre.


There will also be an arithmetic homework to have a go at! I know that some of you have already completed this so you can either complete it again to improve your score or do a different lesson of your choice on MyMaths instead. Please have a go at this to keep your amazing Arithmetic scores up!


English- Please find your Set B SPAG paper. Please complete the first half of this SPAG paper. Again, mark this independently when you have completed this. Any you have got wrong, please find the correct answer, understand why you have got these wrong and correct these!

Remember to also try your spelling test today. Get someone at home to read the spellings to you and correct any you got wrong. I’m looking forward to hearing how well you’ve done on these when we see each other next!


Topic- This is the final lesson of our current Topic! During the Easter holidays, you will be given your next Topic’s homework which is Hola Mexico! We will then start learning about our new Topic next term. For the final lesson today, we are going to look at the events of WWII and see if we can put these chronologically on a timeline.

Below, you will find a list of key events from WWII. These are in a mixed up order. Please put these into chronological order- you can either print the timeline below or draw your own in your homework book (make sure you use a ruler!) I have also given you a set of information cards about each key event. We haven't had as much time together as I would've liked to cover this important piece of history so I have attached these timeline cards for you to find out more information about each of these events and also about some events I haven't included as I could only choose a few! Please do any other research about these events like rationing and the Battle of Britain. Here are a few good websites to help you:



Once you have completed this, please have a look at this website:

This explains how the war ended and VE day (Victory in Europe day). Have a look at Winston Churchill’s speech and imagine how amazing it would feel to be at the end of the war! When you have done this, design a poster, flag or banner to celebrate VE day! If you want to, I have also included a wordsearch to have a go at about VE day! The answers are below it! Enjoy!