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Friday 3rd April

Friday 3rd April


I hope that your home learning has been going well the last 2 weeks and that you are all ok. I have been missing you all a lot! Thank you Year 3 for working so hard and thank you very much to parents for supporting your children in their home learning! smiley

Today is the last day of the term and I have created a new page where I will upload the homework for the Easter holidays. 

The usual home learning activities such as daily maths and English etc. will be uploaded once again after the holidays on Monday 20th April. 

Stay safe over the holidays!



Please log on to MyMaths to complete the task 'Time 1'. I would suggest doing the lesson first and then the homework. The first page of questions are setting the clocks to the correct time to the nearest minute which you have looked at this week. On the second page, there are some clocks which tell you the time in analogue time and you have to set the digital clock to the correct time. Make sure you look at the analogue clock to see if it is morning or afternoon. Remember morning = am and afternoon/evening = pm.

Also the second page has questions which look at the time passed, which we haven't looked at, e.g. if one clock shows 3 o'clock in the morning and the other clock shows 9 o'clock in the morning, the time passed is 6 hours because 9 o'clock is 6 hours after 3 o'clock. Just have a go at those questions as best as you can. 



Please take a look at the document below. Today you are completing the last part of the shared write, the reorientation. Once you have written it, check through all of your sections to make sure they make sense. Make sure you have used capital letters and full stops correctly. If you haven't already, you could highlight in different colours where you've used pronouns, prepositions of place, the present perfect tense and 'a' or 'an'. 


Spelling and Handwriting

Please test yourself or see if your parents / older siblings could test you on this week's spellings. 

Please also practise the Year 3 / 4  spellings that I attached last Friday (27th March). You could print out the handwriting paper again if you have a printer or just practise them into your morning book if you don't have a printer. Remember to start lower case letters on the line and to join your letters. 



I have attached the Flow Quiz below for you to have a go at. Afterwards, you can take a look at the answers and mark your quiz yourself or your parents could mark it for you. Remember, don't look at the answers before doing the quiz otherwise that would be cheating! Good luck! smiley