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Friday 27th March

Learning for Friday 27.03.20


Maths- We are going to do a little more practice with volume! Remember to find the volume, we multiply the length, width and height! E.g. 4cm x 3cm x 2cm = 24cm3. Your answer needs to have the correct units and then 3 (cubed) on the end. Have a look at the sheet below and have a go at finding these volumes. You also have questions where you are given the volume and you need to find the missing length!

I have attached a knowledge organiser about area, perimeter and volume to help you and don’t forget the mymaths lessons if you get stuck! I will post the answers to this tomorrow! J  


TT ROCKSTARS- Don’t forget the battle! We are falling behind- lets pull together and win this!  Please try and go on this for at least 15 minutes today to improve your speed!


English- We are looking at word classes revision to make sure we know what all of these mean. Have a look at the powerpoint below looking at prepositions to remind you of what they are! When you have done this, find the preposition sheet below and have a go at this. The first job is to identify the 11 prepositional phrases in the passage about the messy bedroom. The second task is to draw or take a picture of your bedroom and write a description of your bedroom which includes prepositional phrases. You can do this in your homework book! Use the list of prepositions to help you!


Also, have a go on Readtheory and at least try to complete the first reading text to reach your level. Spend at least 15 minutes on this so you can complete some quizzes!

Try your spelling test- See how many you can get! I look forward to hearing about your scores.



In WWII, codes were used to send messages so that they couldn’t be deciphered by enemy countries. Codebreakers were used to create new codes that the enemy couldn’t crack and used to crack German codes created by machines there. Below, you will find a PowerPoint about Alan Turing and the Enigma code cracking in WWII. You will also find a PowerPoint about the Enigma. This will tell you all about one way of creating codes. You can then complete the code sheet and make a code cipher yourself if you want to! Send any codes to each other or keep them for school so we can all try and crack them! Use this website to help you figure out these codes: