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Friday 27th March

Friday 26th March


I hope the first week of home learning has gone well. Keep up all the effort you are putting in! smiley If you want to share any of your home learning that you have been doing, you could take a picture or video and send it to @StJAShirebrook on Twitter. It would be great to see what you have been getting up to!



Please log on to MyMaths and complete the 2 tasks which are both looking at time, "Telling the time - quarter to / past" and "Telling the time - to 5 mins". If you find telling the time difficult, it might be best to do the lesson first before doing the homework. If you haven't already, you could also go on the website which I posted the link to yesterday which has a game that helps you learn to tell the time. 


Keep practising your times tables over the weekend. Remember we still have a battle and the boys are winning by lots of points! 



Please take a look at the document I have attached below which is about using pronouns to replace nouns. 



Take a look at the document below to find out what you are doing for your topic work.


Spelling and Handwriting

Please test yourself or see if your parents / older siblings can test you on the spellings which were put on here on Monday. If you aren't happy with your score, keep practising them and see if you can get an even better score!

I have also attached 2 documents below. One of these documents has the Year 3 / 4 words which you have often practised in your morning books and it shows you how to write them correctly in cursive (joined up) handwriting. The other document is plain handwriting paper, which looks like the paper in the handwriting books we use at school. If you have a printer, it would be good to practise some of those Year 3 / 4 words onto the handwriting paper - you are then practising spelling and handwriting at the same time! If you don't have a printer, please spend some time practising some of these words into your morning book. Remember that lower case letters always start on the line and to practise joining your letters.