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Friday 24th April

Friday 24th April


I hope the first week of home learning after the Easter holidays has gone well!



Please go on to:

Today we are looking at the next lesson. Please click on Week 1 and then watch the video for Lesson 5 Tenths as decimals.

While you are watching the video, it might tell you to pause it at certain points and complete some questions. Please take a look at the question sheet I attached below called ‘Tenths as decimals’. This sheet can also be downloaded from the White Rose website. Once you have finished the questions, you can check your answers using the answer sheet. If you are struggling while you are doing the worksheet, take another look at the video. If you’re really not sure, you could miss a question out and go back to it at the end. Don’t worry if you are finding some questions difficult, just try your best with it!

Here is a screenshot of the video from the White Rose website.




Take a look at the document below to find out what you are doing for your English work.



Test yourself or see if your parents/older siblings can test you on this week’s spellings. Good luck!

If you haven’t practised your handwriting this week, please spend a bit of time practising, even if it’s just 10 or 15 minutes.



Please take a look at the document ‘Topic’ to find out what you are doing for your topic work. Remember that you don’t have to do all of the topic work today, you could do it over the week.