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Friday 22nd May

Friday 22nd May


I can't believe another term is over! I'm still missing you all lots! I hope you are all ok and your home learning has been going well. Well done for working hard over the last few months smiley


Enjoy the holidays! I will be putting a bit of homework on for you to look at over the holidays and will then be uploading work daily again from Monday 1st June. 




Since it's the last day of the term, I've found a fun maths activity for you to have a go at! You will have to complete different clues to then find a code. Read through the PDF document 'Maths Lost in the Forest' which explains what you are going to do and then open the Clue Cards document. You don't have to do the whole activity in one go. You could work out the answers to some of the clues and then come back to it later. 

Where it says 'Find the digit sum of this number' on a few of the clue cards, this means for example, if your number was 35, the digit sum would be 3 + 5 which equals 8.




Take a look at the 'Tricky Words Spelling' document. You don't have to do all of the pages today. Choose one of the pages and look at the words. For each word, one spelling is correct and 2 are incorrect. Write down the correct spelling for each word. These words are taken from the Year 3 / 4 spelling list which you have been practising in handwriting.




This is our last lesson of our Gods and Mortals topic. Please read through the knowledge organiser for this topic, as the topic quiz will be part of the holiday homework. You can find the knowledge organiser on the Easter Holiday Homework page. 


Please read through the PowerPoint Ancient Greek Olympics which explains what you are going to be doing. You will need the documents Olympic Games Vases and Olympics Venn Diagram to help with your work.


I've also attached an ancient Greek Olympics board game that I found if you want to print it off and play it with your family. 




Test yourself on this week's spellings. Good luck!