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Friday 22nd May

Friday 22nd May 2020




Today we are going to look at pie charts. These are another type of graph which present data. They are named pie charts because of their circle shape and the segments it is split into like pie. For example,

This pie charts shows people favourite drinks. They asked 4 people and it shows us the results. It means that

  • 2 people chose cola
  • 1 person chose lemonade
  • 1 person chose squash.


We are going to learn today about how to read and understand pie charts. Use this MyMaths lesson to support your learning about this:


When you have completed this, login to your MyMaths account and complete the ‘Reading Pie Charts’ homework. Remember to log out when you have finished so I can see your amazing work!




You have worked so hard this year and so we have completed so much SPAG and writing! Because of this, I am adding in an extra day of Guided Reading because your reading skills are so important. One day of week we are going to complete an oxford owl guided reading as well as an unseen text.


It is: username: year6eq

Password: Year6EQ

Your new book is Storm Chasers! Please read Chapter 2. Your questions will be on these pages!

Please have a go at the questions in your homework book and I will put the answers on tomorrow again so you can check your answers!




Today we are going to compare Mexico and some facts about this to England. Below there is a comparison sheet. You have been given some information about specific facts/information about England e.g. the patron saint, famous leaders, the highest point. You need to research what these topics would be for Mexico e.g. what is their patron saint? What is a famous building of theirs? You can print this document off and write on it or you can write the ideas you find out straight into your homework book. Enjoy finding out more about Mexico.  


Remember I love seeing your work and the fun things you are doing! Keep sending them to


REMEMBER if you haven’t already: Yearbook

We are really hoping to be able to get a Yearbook put together for you all to remember your time at St Joseph’s. We will try everything we can to do this! To do this, I need some information about you all to put in the Yearbook.

There is a document below to fill in but all I really need to know if what your ambition is for the future e.g. what you would like to do for a job or career when you grow up and what your favourite memory of St Joseph's is!

Please have a think about these and email this document or just the answer to these two questions to

You could drop it off at school if you live nearby and can’t email this. To do this, please just leave it in the foyer of school so there is no contact between you and the members of staff and children in school for everyone’s safety. If you can’t do this, you could ring school and tell the answers to these to a member of staff who will write these down and pass them on. Please try the other methods if possible though.