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Friday 1st May

Friday 1st May 2020




We are going to continue to look at angles.


Remember: angles on a straight line = 180 degrees.

Angles inside a triangle = 180 degrees.

Angles in a full turn/ angles around a point = 360 degrees. 

Angles in a quadrilateral= 360 degrees.


Today, you are going to look at the angles in regular polygons. A polygon is a 2d shape made up of straight lines and the shape is ‘closed’ (all the lines connect up). A regular polygon has all angles equal and all sides equal. 



Go to this website again:

You will need Summer Term- Week 2- Lesson 2- Angles in regular polygons. 


Please watch the video and complete the given task. When you have done this, please complete the sheet finding the missing angles. You can either print this off or complete them straight into your homework book. The answers will also be up so you can check your answers yourself! This is the last lesson we are going to do on angles so it may be a little tricky but try your best! 


Please also have a go on TT rockstars!  The battle continues- keep working hard!




Today, we are going to look at another poetic or figurative feature called sentence inversion. This is where the parts of a sentence are swapped over so the subject ends the sentence. Have a look at the PowerPoint on sentence inversion to understand more about this. When you have done this, write 8 sentences of your own that use sentence inversion- be as creative as you like!




Please complete the Topic report from Tuesday on Mexico. You should aim to complete this today writing in full sentences and using the features we discussed on Tuesday. Like I said previously, make sure you understand what you have read on the plan before writing it down to make sure what you write makes sense!

You can write this straight into your homework book!


Remember I love seeing your work and the fun things you are doing! Keep sending them to