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Friday 15th May

Friday 15th May 2020




Today, we are going to begin looking at statistics which is where data (information) is gathered and sorted. Today, we are looking at finding the mean and mode. We did look at the mean once in class but we have never looked at the mode. Have a look at the PowerPoint below on these and how to work them out! You can also use the MyMaths lesson on this to help you if you want!

When you have done this, log into MyMaths and have a go at the mean and mode homework set! Remember to check out when you have finished so I can see how well you have done J




Time is going by so quickly and it will be July before we know it. You will start your new school in September and start the new challenge it provides! To be prepared, we would start some transition work to help you get ready.

Today I would like you to go onto your new school’s website:

St Mary’s have a transition to Year 7 page under the information tab.

All Saints’ have a Year 6 transition tab on the side of the page.

Shirebrook Academy have a Year 6 transition page on the work for closure tab.


Please have a look at your school’s website. Take the time to have a look around and find out some information about your school to be! Make a list of questions of things you are wondering or are worrying about! See if you can find the answers to them on the website! If not, keep them safe and I will try my best to answer them when we are together next or you can ask at your new school! J





Please continue with your RE work if you have not had chance to finish this! If you have, please use this as free time to do a subject you enjoy from school J If you love art, do some art. If you love computing, do some online programming or make a PowerPoint. If you love DT, make something. Do something you enjoy to celebrate your hard work this year! J


Remember I love seeing your work and the fun things you are doing! Keep sending them to


REMEMBER if you haven’t already: Yearbook

We are really hoping to be able to get a Yearbook put together for you all to remember your time at St Joseph’s. We will try everything we can to do this! To do this, I need some information about you all to put in the Yearbook.

There is a document below to fill in but all I really need to know if what your ambition is for the future e.g. what you would like to do for a job or career when you grow up and what your favourite memory of St Mary’s is!

Please have a think about these and email this document or just the answer to these two questions to

You could drop it off at school if you live nearby and can’t email this. To do this, please just leave it in the foyer of school so there is no contact between you and the members of staff and children in school for everyone’s safety. If you can’t do this, you could ring school and tell the answers to these to a member of staff who will write these down and pass them on. Please try the other methods if possible though.