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Autumn Term

Why Do Leaves Go Crispy?


Welcome back after the October half term!


Our question this half term is ‘ Why Do Leaves Go Crispy?’


This topic stimulates children’s curiosity and allows them to explore the season of Autumn. We will explore the trees and make observations of the leaves and how they have changed from the summer. Children will learn about woodland animals and how they hibernate and prepare for winter.


During the topic, we will share a number of relevant stories, such as, ‘The Gruffalo’ and ‘The Owl Babies’ to name but a few. Children will have the opportunity to sequence these stories and complete work around the characters.


Remember to check the websites for updates and photos of activities carried out in class.


We also begin nativity practise this half term, so be prepared for your children to burst into song!

Why Do You Love Me So Much?


All of our topics in Reception are thought provoking and ask children a question.


Our question this term is 'Why Do You Love Me So Much?'


This topic allows children to get to know each other better in fun and exciting ways. It provides an opportunity to explore how we are similar and different to one another. We will also investigate how we develop and change over time from being a baby to adulthood.


During the topic we will read and enjoy many familiar stories together which will encourage us to think about the different aspects of family life.


We like to blog about the ‘hands on’ and ‘interesting’ activities we experience in class, so keep checking the websites for updates.