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Autumn Term 2 - Moon Zoom

Autumn Term 2 - Moon Zoom


This term we will be learning all about space in our topic,  'Moon Zoom'.

For our launch day, we visited the National Space Centre in Leicester. We had a great day visiting the planatarium for a show all about astronauts and we loved following the trail around the centre looking at all the amazing exhibits and information about space. What a super way to draw us into our new learning!




For our innovate week task, we received a letter from our class elf, Joseph, asking us to design a new planet that he could visit. We had to use our knowledge of what human and physical features we might find on different planets to design our own versions. Lots of us added volcanoes and ice to our planets like some of the real ones we researched during our topic.

We designed and made our own planets and gave them a name!