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Autumn Term 2 Moon Zoom

For our express, we invited Mr Steele to come and share our Moon Zoom learning. We told him lots of our best Space facts and then explained our innovate task to him. We told him all about our planets we designed for Joseph Elf and Mr Steele said he would like to visit them too! He left very impressed. Well done Year 1. smiley
For our innovate, Joseph Elf asked us to design and make a new planet that he could go and visit. We had to think about all of the things that might be on our planet. We thought about human and physical features and what might live there. Our planets all look amazing places for Joseph Elf to visit. 
After learning about Tim Peake, we tasted some real Space food to see what sort of thing the astronauts would eat aboard the International Space Station. 
For our launch day, we went to the National Space Centre. Here are just a few of the pictures from our day. It's safe to say we are all thoroughly engaged in our new topic and can't wait to learn more about Space.