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Autumn Term 1 - The Enchanted Woodland

Autumn Term 1 - The Enchanted Woodland


This term we will be learning all about 'The Enchanted Woodland'.

Our Enchanted Woodland Display

For our launch day, we took part in a woodland hunt on our school field. We collected lots of woodland objects such as: seeds, twigs, leaves and feathers. We looked at some of the features located within our school woodland area and made careful observations of the trees. As we were completing our activities, we noticed a surprise. Our very own St Joseph's woodland fairies had left us a letter with instructions of what we need to complete in our topic this term. They also invited us to a special fairy picnic party at the end of our topic if we are successful in our tasks.

We had a fairy tea party!

For our innovate week task, we received a letter from the Class 1 Fairies asking us to design a new woodland home for Pixie-May the fairy. We had to use our knowledge of: trees and plants, animals, physical features, human features and seasons to design and make our fairy homes.
For our express week task, we were asked to present our learning to Year 2. We made a plan of our learning during the topic and we all had a different part to tell Year 2 about. We used our fairy woodlands to inspire our presentations and explained why we had included each part.  

Presenting to Year 2