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Antarctica is about the coldest place on earth. It has many marine animals but less land life. Antarctic is -62 at its coldest temperature. The Antarctic is a polar region around the Earth's South Pole, opposite the Arctic region around the North Pole. The Antarctic is in the continent of Antarctica and other island territories located on the Antarctic Plate or south of the Antarctic land mass. People are not allowed to visit this place unless they get permission from the government. No one lives there apart from scientists who may live there for 1-2 years to complete scientific research. This is biggest unfilled plot of land in the world. Scientists study Antarctica. However, no one can live there as the climate is way too cold; people would suffer severe altitude sickness.  The population of this land in  total is 0. Therefore, there is no-one lives here. However, there are some animals that live there including the wingless midge and different types of penguin like the Emperor and Adelie. 

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The Arctic


/.The Arctic (otherwise known as the North Pole) is located in the Northern region of the Earth. This amazing place has quite a lot of land and an ocean which is adjacent to the land. It covers parts of Alaska, Finland, Greenland, Iceland, Northern Canada, Norway and Russia. This area is hotter than the Antarctic although it should not be laughed at as temperatures still go down to -43 degrees and has 24 hours of daylight and 24 hours of darkness at midsummer and midwinter. There are also more plants and animals there. Plants include sedge, grass, moss and shrubs and some animals include reindeer, lemmings, arctic hares and terns. Some of the animals are Muskox. This animal is part of the Bovidae family. This animal is noted for its thick skin and its strong odour or smell. Its lifespan is 12-20 years and 120-410 KG. They live in small groups of 10-20 animals. Its scientific name is Ovibos moschatus. The Arctic has a population of about 5 million who live and work there. This is way more in comparison to the of the Antarctic which has no people at all.



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A timeline of the Titanic    


The Titanic was first made in 1908 in Belfast, Ireland. However, the first voyage of this ship was in 1912 on April 10th  from Southampton- she set off at 12 noon. Sadly, the ship had crashed before it even came back. This ship claimed 1,500 lives when it had sadly crashed. When it crashed, the ship broke in half. The bit broke and plunged into the ocean floor at the speed of 25 mph. The ship didn't have enough lifeboats when it crashed; it only had enough for half the people onboard. Therefore, some of the members did not survive. Most women and children luckily got on one of the lifeboats. People fought for a spot on the lifeboats so they could survive. This moment has come down in history as a terrible tragedy. This has now become a topic that children in the UK learn in year 6.

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We have created a video about the Titanic and the Polar Regions. Please watch this!