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Frozen Kingdom


Antarctica is to the bottom of the world where there is little sunlight. Because of this, it is very cold, reaching temperatures of -62 degrees. Because of this, there is little plant life. The plants and flowers struggle to grow on such thin soil when they can’t grip to it to be able to grow. The plant life only includes sedge, grass, moss and shrubs. Even though there is not much plant life in order to make food, there are wildlife such as seals, whales and penguins. These animals eat others, including fish squid and plankton. The area of Antarctica is approximately fourteen million kilometres - it is the largest desert in the world. Because of this, no one lives there all the time. Scientists live there for 1-2 years and only live there to do scientific research- it is too cold to live there all the time! 



Unlike Antarctica, the Arctic is sightly warmer with temperatures of -43 degrees.There are also many animals and wildlife. For example, polar bears,Arctic cod and Narwhals all live there.The Arctic is located at the top of the Earth.The Arctic is  also known as the North pole.There are also many plants such as moss,lichen and grasses. The Arctic is near or around:Alaska,Finland,Greenland,Iceland,Northern Canada,Norway,Russia and Sweden. Because it is slightly warmer, 5 million people live there in tribes. They live in towns and villages and work there too. 

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The Arctic vs. the Antarctic


The Titanic was thought to be the unsinkable ship. However, when it sunk, some people couldn't believe it.The construction of the Titanic began in Belfast, Ireland and it began in 1908.When the Titanic sunk, some of the lifeboats could carry 30 people but only 16 went on because people felt safer on the unsinkable ship at the time and some people were too desperate to get away to wait for others. It took three days to save the people on the lifeboats and they were saved by the ship the Carpathia which took them to New York.The first class people were the first to get on the lifeboats due to their money and position on the boat so the 3rd class used knives to attempt to get to the lifeboats.The Titanic sunk on the dreadful year of 1912 and 1503 died on the Titanic. There were 2208 people on the Titanic which means only 705 people survived.

The Titanic

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