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Arctic and Antarctic Animals

        Antarctic and Arctic animals




In the Antarctic, there are more sea animals in the sea because they cannot feed on the land because there are no plants. Animals are mostly eaten by the deadly killer whales. Frequently, you’ll see them in the Antarctic’s waters. Mentioned earlier, there are penguins, such as emperor and adelie penguins, which are seen on land but feed from the sea. There are also wingless midges which are one of the only things that can survive there. 



Challenging the harsh conditions, polar bears are a grand animal in the Arctic. Like penguins, they feed of a lot of different types of fish. Also, there a more animals on land due to the amount of plants. On the land, there are arctic foxes, arctic hares, lemmings, must ox and reindeer. Unfortunately, the birds (arctic terns, snowy owls and more) face the harsh winds.


Fun Fact:

There are many tribes and outcasts living in the Arctic!