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Arctic and Antarctic

Arctic and Antarctic


In this world, there are two places, which are called the Antarctic and the Arctic. They are very cold but the Antarctic is colder. From these places, new animals have adapted (reindeers, penguins and an arctic hare).          


                                                                                            Fun Fact:

                                                The Antarctic only                                                      has a few plants.



The Arctic is less cold than the Antarctic. Temperature can be from 5 degrees to -43 degrees. Midsummer begins on 21st June and starts with 24 hours of daylight. It ends when Midwinter starts on the 21st December with 24 hours of darkness. Meanwhile, the Arctic has more plants than the Antarctic like grass, moss and shrubs. Unlike the Antarctic, the Arctic is an icy sea surrounded by land. The Arctic is a home for over four million people who live and work there all year round. In the Arctic, there is an amazing amount of wildlife like: seals, foxes and snowy owls.  The Arctic has flowers, which always face the sun for warmth. Even though it is cold, the life there has survived for many years!



In this freezing paradise (temperatures range from -13.5 degrees to -62 degrees- much colder than the Arctic), there are barely any plants, which don’t help the poor animals like midges and various penguins, who are starving. Luckily, most it wildlife lives under the icy water. It can go down to -62 Celsius; this is due to the powerful winds. Sometimes, you’ll see an odd penguin huddling around but it is a ghost town. There are many science facilities, discovering new facts about this interesting land however scientists only stay here for 1-2 years; people don't live and work here. 


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Fun Fact: Penguins adapted their wings so it would be easier to glide under water, catching fish!